Thursday, April 10, 2014

Music and Animation

For my post this week, I have chosen to compile animations that all combine music and animation in very tasteful ways. The first video I'll post is a music video by Chad Vangaalen, called "Peace on the Rise." Chad wrote all the music and did the animation/video all by himself. It is truly remarkable what one person can do all by themselves, even though I can't imagine how long it took! The creatures in the video are incredibly weird, and at some times it's hard to tell what it is actually going on in the narrative with all the incredible weird visuals happening, but I think that's what make the video so interesting.

This next video is by a group called Fluxel Media, and is a 3d animated short. It has a very star wars, sort of post apocalyptic feel to it, and involves four robots sitting at a table having an argument, that winds up sounding like a dub step track. The short reminded me a lot of the exercise in class we did that involved creating animations to a beat, because that is what this video is entirely. Instead of a few objects in the screen being affected by the sound of the beat, we see the entire room change according to what we are hearing. It makes for an amazing experience, especially with speakers or headphones!

This next video is a music video for Julio Bashmore's song, "Peppermint." It is directed by Noah Harris, and seems as if it's done with a lot of stop motion. To be honest, I am so astounded by this video and I really do not have any solid idea as to how it was made entirely, but it seems as if it involved many different processes. Overall, the song is great and in my opinion the animation/stop motion is even better. Check it out! 

This next one is a little over a minute, and took 2 months to do. It's an excerpt from a video by Carlin Diaz, made for L'Orange's song Femme Fatale, Feat. Erica Lane. It was done in after effects, flash, and photoshop. Very Beautiful!

This last video is by one of my personal favorite music video directors of all time, David Wilson. He has directed for numerous artists including Artick Monkeys, Tame Impala, Passion Pit, and many more. This is a music video he did for Moray Mclaren's song "We Got Time." It's almost impossible to describe, so I'll post it and then post the link to the making of video below it. You should check out his website too!

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