Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This month, The National Geographic premiered their new series, COSMOS. This show has become big news that even President Barack Obama got involved. The new show encourages people of all ages to become more involved in exploring new frontiers. The show reached over half a billion homes all over the world the night of the premiere. National Geographic and Fox broadcasting network really made a mark with the new series and set the bar pretty high for all new shows of its kind.

The show itself is pretty remarkable but what is really amazing is the title sequence. Big Block Media Group created the breath taking sequence. Big Block truly captured the show's theme with their amazing graphic animation. Big Block used all the resources they could get their hands on to create this sequence. From the real live action footage to the amazingly created space scenes, this title sequence is one to be noticed. The entire sequence is 90 seconds long, way longer than the usual 30 second openings to most shows. Be sure to take a look at COSMOS' history making title sequence!

Click HERE to see the whole title sequence!

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