Thursday, April 10, 2014

Illustrator to After Effects

Illustrator can be a great tool for creating shapes, designs, graphics and many other illustrations that aren't so easy on After effects. But when you try to bring in a Illustrator file it can be a hassle sometime because After Effects does't make the illustration into vector files, this leads to pixilation, and control over the whole shape harder. When bringing in a illustration file into After effects there are a few tedious set you have to take. This is only needed if you have CS5 but if you have CS6 they make it a lot easier and you don't need any these sets.
Illustrator to After Effects

1. Open illustrator file
2. select all of the paths and shapes in art board
3. hit command "C"

4. Open After effects
5. create a new composition
6. lay - new - solid
7. paste the paths and shapes from illustrator
8. go into the drop down and see how many masks there are
9. select only the path of each mask
10. command "C"
11. then take the pen tool and click on the art board
12. This will create a shape
13. Go to the drop down of the shape, make sure there is enough shapes same as the mask under the drop down (if theres 12 mask paths, make 12 shapes under the shape layer
14. you already copies the mask paths
15. select the shapes paths all 12 and paste those masks
16. turn the view off the solid layer and you will see the new shape layer on art board
17. Go in and see what shape path effects what part of shape and label it.

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