Friday, April 4, 2014

Creativity for Dummies

Inspiration can be hard a lot of times. What do I do when I can't think of a design for a motion graphic, I turn to a couple of websites for help!

1. Youtube

A simple Youtube search of "after effects..." and whatever else you want, will give you a plethera of results that you can view. A lot of times too, there are tutorials that can help you learn how to make the graphic. I find myself going between a lot different videos, pulling aspects of each video until I get my final result.

2. VideoHive

What is Videohive? Videohive is a website that sells all kinds of high quality motion graphics. While I don't advocate the purchasing of graphic templates, I think they're a great resource to get some ideas of what you want to do. They have everything from simple looking animations, to complex designs. After spending only 10 minutes on this website, I'm sure anybody could get a good idea of something they want to do.

3. Motionspire

This one should be pretty self-explanitory. Motionspire is a hub to show inspirational graphics, animations, videos, etc. from all around the web! I've only recently discovered this website, but oh man, I already love it! It's simple to use interface, and easy to navigate gallery make this website a great addition for anyone looking for ideas. 10/10, would recommend.

Now these are only a couple of the many websites out there for you to use, but I thought I should share the places that I personally go to.

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