Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chipotle's Animated Advertising

Chipotle has done a great job of creeping us out but also making us feel like they're the best choice for fast food with their "Cultivate a Better World" videos. The storytelling in "The Scarecrow" gets the point across without dialogue; rich visuals with an ominous and ironic soundtrack do the trick.

Chipotle took an emotional approach to advertising to appear as the virtuous fast food chain. An interesting fun fact is that McDonald's used to be the restaurant's largest investor. Now, however, Chipotle is often praised for this marketing technique. They vow to move away from factory farming and improve the way that animals are raised for meat, including eliminating the overuse of antibiotics. The animated videos also go along with an app that they have created based on the scarecrow's journey from the factory to something more "natural." Chipotle gives us a little more insight into what they wanted to convey with these videos below.

I think that one of their other videos, "Back to the Start" is also extremely adorable and although a bit simpler, still provokes the same emotional response. Willie Nelson's cover of "The Scientist" is pretty awesome too.

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