Friday, October 3, 2014

Orphan Black: A Story of Clones

If you’re a fan of the Parent Trap (and are still in denial about Lindsay Lohan not having a twin sister), take a seat because I’m about to introduce you to something that will make those effects look like child’s play. Orphan Black is the name, but simple cloning is not its game. Created by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, Orphan Black is a drama aired via the BBC that deals with the concept of clones. And while you may think “making a clone video isn’t that hard,” I’d say to hold off on your judgement just yet. Because Orphan Black brings a new twist to the classic clone genre: these ones can actually interact and appear in the same moving environment as the other. Don’t really understand? It means that one clone can smack the other in the face and not be blocked out of frame with a stand in.

It’s a very unique and very complicated process, but the effort put in can really be seen in the final product. I ended up binge-watching almost the entire first season in one night not only because the story was absolutely engaging but because I wanted to see just how far they were going to take these special effects. It’s a strangely thrilling process to watch as they balance tennis balls to save a place for putting in clones, shoot their shots five different ways (and times), and create a whole new element of cloning that I haven’t seen in any digital media for quite awhile.
It’ll make you do a double-take, leave you feeling more confused than satisfied, but it’s an addiction that is not something you’ll regret.

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