Friday, October 10, 2014

Ready For The Kickoff: The 4chan Autumn Babby Cup

It's that time of year again. The leaves are turning, the days are shortening and the Autumn Babby cup is underway in just a week. What is the Babby Cup you may ask? Well, here's the formula.
It's 4chan. Playing soccer. So before we go further, we need to get some things clear. 4chan gets a bad rep, but so much of the content on the internet that people enjoy originates from there. It's a place of free speech divided up into boards. These boards range in topics from science to tentacle porn and everything in between. So where does the Babby cup come in?

4 times a year there are cups. The summer and winter cups, and the spring and autumn babby cups. The babby cups serve as qualifying cups for the summer and winter cups. Each board has a team, and this team is customized to crazy extents, with custom goal horns, anthems and even player models. Every player is named for something on that board, inside jokes abound.
/vr/'s tactics from the last cup (/vr/ is the retro games board)

The games are played, computer verses computer. Each board's team has a manager, who chooses the players' tactics and positions. Intense rivalries form between boards, and each game is commentated on.
Each player's name is said with utmost seriousness, it's anybody's game. Some boards have more spirit than others, but nobody backs their team like /mlp/. One fan went as far as to create football club scarves for him and his fellow nor/mlp/eople.

The 2014 Autumn Babby Cup is in one week. Plenty of time to get hyped. All info can be found here. I recommend looking at the different boards and their teams. You might find who you'll root for! Until then, I leave you with this.

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