Friday, October 24, 2014

Catch Me If You Can: A Story in a Title Sequence

The first time I saw Catch Me If You Can, I didn’t really have much idea of what the movie was going to be about. My knowledge going in was Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, and a dream. The title sequence for this movie is pretty cool and sort of sets you in the mindset for the movie. The sequence itself actually tells the entire story of the movie in just 2.5 minutes. With no knowledge of the plot at all, I didn’t catch this on my first view, but the style and execution of the sequence gave me an idea and something to expect. I entire sequence is a little bit whimsical and a little bit mysterious. The illustrations are easy and the colors are nice and it’s pretty easy to follow the story the title sequence is telling. After seeing the movie and knowing exactly the story the title sequence is telling, I can appreciate those colors even more. The color change from scene to scene within the sequence is a very deliberate reference to the overarching theme of the movie. I think it was handled in a very cool way. It’s amazing that you can tell the full story of a 2.5 hour star-studded movie in just 2.5 minutes using cartoons and colors.

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