Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Spooktacular - From my Hard Drive To Your Nightmares

Happy Halloween Everybody! Having been out this week really sick, I have seen and suffered some scary stuff indeed! So, on tonight -the spookiest night of the year right behind the day after president's day- I'm going to present to you all:
How's the text moving? It's HAUNTED!

So, you dared to scroll down further into the spooky hard drive! You are either very brave, or very foolish. We shall soon see!  My first image file of HORROR tells of a fate that almost was! This is: the Spooky Scary Tale of Larry Kasanoff and Foodfight!

Foodfight! began in 1999. It was so perfect, the perfect way to cash in on kids, adults, and food! By creating a movie about food mascots, these food companies would pay to have their cameos in the movie, and in turn cameo the movie on their products. It was so diabolical and soulless that somebody at the company swiped the hard drives with the movie on them, in an attempt to save us all from the horror lurking within! But that didn't stop Foodfight! The movie was revived, but in a totally different software that most the crew was not familiar with! Director Larry Kasanoff knew little to nothing about directing animation, so there were riggers working as texture artists, modelers working as animators, and stupid people working as directors! Foodfight was released finally in 2012, and it was a glorious sh*tstorm to behold. and so, BEHOLD! A piece of what could have been!

Merchandise that actually was produced! And of the same quality as the movie! 

There are pieces of the merchandise floating around the world and the internet! Only the spookiest of the spooky own them. I keep this picture on my drive to remind me: Foodfight! Hates you as much as you hate it! The true horror of it all though, is that lots of talented people worked on this project. They were dragged through hell, and this was the product. Those poor souls...

The next haunt from my hard drive is THIS PICTURE!

Is he a man? A pug? These are all excellent questions! Questions with no answers- but spooky ones!

The next scary thing is this image of the Puzzler from Numberjacks!

What are the Numberjacks? Well, I'm glad you asked. It's a British kids' show that has some....interesting... animation. But nobody is as scary as THE PUZZLER!

Better watch out, or he'll trap you in one of his puzzle bubbles. Those British people in the video? They're all DEAD! Muahahahha!

The next, is a video that was filmed in the weird redneck-y part of upstate NY. Nobody knows who the woman is, but it was filmed with a JVC 100 and thought that if you watch the video, she comes and vacuums your face! Watch at own risk!

Well, spooklings, that's my show for you tonight! May your treats be sweet and your tricks be sour! I leave you with something to brighten your spirits, some classic Mr. Chriddof!

Happy Halloween!

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