Friday, October 31, 2014

Getting into the Halloween Spirit

Since it is in fact Halloween, I decided that now was the perfect time to talk about Disney's "The Skeleton Dance". This animation was produced and directed by Walt Disney himself and animated by Ub Iwers. This film shows a group of four skeletons who dance around and make music with very peculiar musical instruments. It was created in 1929 as a part of the "Silly Symphonies" animated shorts. The group of skeletons dance to music that was inspired by the Saint-Saƫns composition, "Danse Macabre" aka the "dance of death" which seems all too fitting. This short animation was also the first animation where the sound was not post-synced. It has been highly regarded as one of the greatest cartoons of all time as well and I think we all could learn a thing or two from their dancing!

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