Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Green Screen Goodness

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As I learn more about the green screen process, I become more confused and in awe of the spectacular animations that are produced via a single colored wall and a computer. Looking back at some of my all time favorite movies with this new, analytical lens has really led me to appreciate the amount of work and organization necessary to produce these graphics.

For example, take a look at these Harry Potter screen shots with the animation removed. This leaves only the actors, some set and the almighty green screen who is responsible for creating so much within the magical realm.

The movie certainly looks a tad empty when you strip away all of the magnificent backgrounds and beautiful locales that are expertly created by a green screen and a person sitting at their computer. Without this the film would simply be silly, and unable to portray the true essence of the work. Green screen technology has revolutionized modern cinema and has literally allowed films to soar to greater heights.

I've also included a still from the set of Alice in Wonderland...just for giggles.

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