Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Disney Pixar - For The Birds

I absolutely love this animated short film.  Not only do I find it hilarious, but it also retains a very realistic feeling while having nonsensical undertones.  For example, the smaller birds all have tiny wings - so small they would not be able to fly.  But it only makes sense that birds can fly, so the smaller birds are able to flap three small feathers to magically float in the air!  But the thing that has me most intrigued are the textures of the feathers themselves.  The feathers on both the small birds and the big one look so realistic to me.  Especially when the small birds fluff their feathers when settling on to the wire, you can see every ruffle of their feathers.  It almost appears as though they were animated individually!  I love the detail that went into this short, and I love the comedy that goes with it.

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