Sunday, November 20, 2011

Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios is a new easy way for amazon users to make and share their own movies and write scripts. This offers user the opportunity to win money, get noticed and get their movie made. Amazon Studios will give out a total of 2.7 million dollars in it's first year of monthly and annual contests for the best movies and scripts. In addition to cash prizes the work of the writers and filmmakers will be shared with a global community that can give valuable feedback through revisions and advice. The overall goal of this company is to work along with Hollywood to make the best projects into feature films.

The main reasons behind the creation of Amazon Studios are to give consumers the chance to give their feedback about film and script entries. This will give amazon studios employees the opportunity to figure out what is and is not working. Another reason for Amazon Studios is for people to evaluate test movies instead of simply written script. Amazon Studios will also be a place where users can experiment and collaborate.

So how exactly does a person start a project with Amazon Studios? In order to do this a person must first upload an original script or movie. This product must be completely new to Amazon Studios and free from any preexisting elements already on this website.

A main component of Amazon Studios is the test movie. A test movie is a typically inexpensive, full-length film that lets the viewer know the entire story of the script in an interesting way, has solid acting and sound but does not have to be perfect. The main goal of Amazon Studios is to discover test movies that have potential to be made into feature length films. This company believes that the script alone is not a true indication of a piece's potential success; it should also be accompanied by a test movie.

There is a full list of Resources and Faqs available on the Amazon Studio website.

Michael Lewis, Roy Price (Amazon Studios Chief), Alex Greenfield (Amazon Studios Winner) of Amazon Studios at Comic Con:

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