Sunday, November 20, 2011

Motion Graphic Studios

I found a great website that shows demo reels from some of the top motion graphic studios. These videos are worth watching as they include what the studios believe are some of their best pieces of work. Many of the videos you can view right from the site others take you to the studios links. Some of the studios have internship possibilities in LA this Fall. From reading many of the descriptions it appears you would need quite the reel to obtain one of those positions.

Here is Umeric's Demo:

Umeric 'Until Now' 2010. from Umeric on Vimeo.

Hydraulx Visual Effects has an easily navigable site where you can see all the work they have been associated with. Here is a link to their feature demo reel it is 20 minutes long but includes cut ins showing some background information of how the effects where created or different versions before getting the final. Around 14 minutes in is the making of some of the battle scenes to 300.

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