Sunday, November 20, 2011


I was just searching various animation and production companies and came across one that really stuck out to me, Mikromedia. Mikromedia is a full service digital multimedia and video production company based in South Africa. They specialize in digital marketing at an affordable cost. Their website alone is amazing from an animation and design standpoint. Under the "Video Marketing" they outline all the different stuff they can do, including training videos, how to do videos, and something called a virtual anchor. Mikromedia uses a virtual anchor on their website and it is basically a person virtually guiding you through the website so it is easier to get the information you need. They based this idea on the statistic that today, 90% of online users would rather watch a video than read a lengthy document. They cater to this data by creating visual worlds to grab people's attention. Under the "Theatre" tab on the main page, they have laid out various examples of their work. The interesting thing is all of their information is displayed through video. I definitely recommend you explore this website because it is extremely unique. I've attached a video of theirs explaining motion tracking and its affordability but you should check out the rest of their stuff as well.

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