Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nightmare Before Christmas

A.K.A My childhood. Every Christmas and every Halloween me and my family would gather to watch this movie together. Even back then I knew how stop motion films where made but I couldn't even begin to imagine the time and the amount of people it took to put it all together. I know I should have posted this yesterday because it was Halloween, but too bad. Below is a behind the scenes look at Nightmare Before Christmas.

Coraline is a much more recent film by Tim Burton and even years later, both of these films where made the same way. As they say in the clip below, everything you see on the screen was made by someone. They painted trees, executed ideas, worked on every single hair on Coraline's head. It took and amazing amount of time and an amazing amount of people. The end result is a beautiful film with a unique look and feel because it's not your typical animation film like Toy Story or Cars.

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