Monday, November 7, 2011

Doctor Who

As I'm sure everyone knows, I'm a terribly big fan of Doctor Who. In our classes we've been talking a lot about opening sequences to TV Shows and movies. Doctor Who is a show that has been around since the 1960's, which is extremely impressive. This also means that it has a ton of different opening sequence, new ones for the new seasons and new ones for the new Doctors. This video below shows each and every opening sequence from 1963-2011

I find it fascinating how, over the years, Doctor Who has maintained a level of consistency in the opening titles. The same type of music is always present. The same setting of it being "in space" and sometimes going through a time vortex, and showing the Doctor's face on screen. So not only do you see the different title sequences, but you also see all of the different actors who had the amazing opportunity to play the Doctor. The show itself stopped around the 1980s and then they release one movie and when the show came back in 2005, the opening title still had that classic Doctor Who feel too it.

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