Sunday, November 13, 2011

Post-it Note Stop Motion

Ever since I found that Jelly bean stop motion video I've been searching around for other cool videos that incorporate unique objects into stop motion. I've watched a number of interesting videos but I wanted to find one that also had a "how it's made" video along with it because I like to get more insight into how it was done and see how difficult it would be if I were to try making a similar video.

The video I posted below is a stop motion that uses post-it notes! I liked this one in particular because it was made by a group of film students. A group of students from the Savannah College of Art and Design spent 3 months planning, 4 days shooting, and over 6000 post-its to make this project appropriately titled "Deadline"! Below the video is a short "making of" video that shows a little more about their process.

They must have had to buy so many post it notes for this project!...I'm sure they didn't want to even go near them after the project was finished! That video had a simple but creative concept and was well executed. Similarly to the jelly beans video they made a pre-animation of the entire post-it note segment and then projected it on the wall for easy post-it placement. Watching all of these stop motion videos makes me want to try to make my own!

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