Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stop Motion Pumpkin Pie

I'm sure this Thanksgiving, many of us enjoyed a delicious homemade pumpkin pie-some of us may have even made one ourselves. However, I'm guessing none of us took the time to make our pumpkin pie in the form of a stop motion animation! Since I was feeling in the holiday spirit and have been having fun looking up interesting stop motion videos lately I thought I would try to find a stop motion that related to Thanksgiving.

UK photographer Rob Ambrose and Naomi Kershaw decided to show the entire process of making a pumpkin pie from whole pumpkin to fully eaten pie! As you can see in the vide posted below, this video is a simple idea but was quite well executed as a stop motion. (and very holiday appropriate!). This video clearly has a lot of effort put into it and probably took awhile to make. The shots where the alt shaker is in the air and the spoon is stirring seem like they were somewhat difficult to execute you think they used some sort of green screen hand or something similar to that? It seems as though they must have done something because things don't just stay in the air by themselves!

I am always amazed by stop motion animations. They must take so much patience and attention to detail-one slip of the hand could mess up an entire sequence! They also seem extremely time consuming especially the more complicated ones (like the jelly bean ex that I posted that took two years to complete!) I think it would be fun to try making my own stop motion animation sometime!

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