Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Evelyn, Evelyn "Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn"

I was on Motionographer and I came across a post about a promo for a video directed by Hoku Uchiyama and animated by Adam Bolt. I'm not sure if After Effects was used or some other program but this is one of the most creative and fun animations I have ever seen.

I think it is really cool conceptually that the creators animated such a common occurrence. At least once in their lives, most people have drew on windows when it was cold out. The idea that those drawings could come to life is out there in the best possible way. The director Hoku Uchiyama received a Cannes Young Director Award while he was still in college. The lead animator, Adam Bolt, attended the Pasadena Art Center College Center of Design and works as both a director and animator.

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