Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spending Time With Sheep!

Since I’ve been home I have spent so much time with my Mom and her sheep…looking at the new baby lambs, putting up fence, getting new guard dogs, etc that I almost forgot to post on the blog this week! Thus, I figured it would be appropriate to find something sheep related to post.

As I was searching for sheep related animations, I stumbled upon a video series called "The Pen". "The Pen" consists of shot 1-3 minute videos of two claymation sheep discussing life and everyday activities. It sounds strange but some of them are quite funny, especially if you know a little about sheep. Also it turns out that they were made by Guy Capper and Jemaine Clement who are also known from the band and TV show "Flight of the Concords". After finding that out I understood why the sheep in the videos had New Zealand accents and a strange, dry sense of humor. If you are interested in this strange but funny web series about sheep I have posted one of the clips below.

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