Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Making of the True Blood Main Title Sequence

Although for our final projects we are working on remaking film opens, one of my favorite television openings is True Blood.

Even though the show True Blood is about the supernatural such as vampires and werewolves, the opening does not blatantly give away that this is the premise of the show. Instead producer Alan Ball helped to create an opening that is suggestive of the darkness that exists in the fictional Louisiana town of Bon Temps.

On the website Art of the Title it is clear that Alan Ball's intent in this opening was to show what it is to be reborn. At the end of the opening there is a woman being baptized.

How this opening is created is further demonstrated in a video on vimeo which shows the original footage uncut which is used in the opening. The look of the footage is completely raw and shot using a bolex. Although the graphics are not completely manipulated using a software post-production, it is clear that these images were completely manipulated after they were shot.

This is the video from vimeo:

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