Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snatch Opening Credits

It took me quite a long time to find the perfect opening sequence for this project. I finally found myself stuck on what I believe, next to Seven, my favorite opening title sequences. This was one that was good and very challenging to do only because I needed to do a bunch of tutorial watching to learn how to do all I needed to do.

First I had to learn some more things for Photoshop. This was very helpful to get to know the basics and even some more advanced things very easily. I also found a great website for tutorials that were great.

This should be fairly easy to remake and do because it is going to involved keyframing and some work with some 3D compositing for the objects that fly across screen.

One of the best characteristics of this sequence is the inclusion of jump cuts that progress each shot. It really fits the mood of the movie especially. The movie is multiply different peoples stories, that all come together at once at the end. This movie is very fast paced and all over the place so this opening sequence gets the audience in this mood for the rest of the movie. I will have to reshoot all the scenes of this, but the are all short and it will be easy, I found, to create the freeze frames because you can upload the freeze frames from final cut pro to photoshop. I also found a semi-helpful tutorial on how to do this exact effect. I can't wait to see my finishing product

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  1. hey mathew clemons can you send me the link of your finished piece and give me any adivice as i would like to recreate somehting like this for my media work