Sunday, November 20, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Transformers has always been one of my favorite series of movies, even when they were cartoons during my childhood. However the new movie trilogy has taken it above and beyond. The special effects were mind boggling and the effort put into this film was also just as shocking.

Industrial Light and Magic is the special effects company that created most of the effects for the movies and are known for their work in Iron Man 2, War of the Worlds, and Star Trek. If you visit their website you will understand what specific pieces they specialize in and how this company has made some of the best special effects in the industry lately.

The most amazing fact that I uncovered while researching was that ILM has a giant rendering farm for super complex effects like those in Transformers 3 and that is a great thing because without the ability to render large files, the amount of time it would take would be counterproductive. It was said that when the movie was in its final week of post-production that ILM completely shut down their rendering farm specifically to finish the film. Whats amazing is that this allowed for 200,000 hours of rending time which is equivalent to 23 days of render time in 24 hours.

I found myself continually in awe at the superb and intricate details and time that was spent to make every scene look extrememly realistic and making the robots look and move just like we would expect it to. The plot to the movie was terrible and the movie carried on for about 45 minutes longer than it needed to, but the special effects were so above and beyond that I was fine with it carrying on. All I could think was what was the next mind blowing stunts they were going to pull and create. A++++++ for ILM.

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