Thursday, March 3, 2016

Animation Merger?

The CEO of Dreamworks recently mused on a possible merger between Dreamworks and Paramount pictures. There are currently no plans for an actual merger, solely an equity partnership, but if one did end up coming about it could mean another step towards total media integration.

If Viacom (the parent of Paramount, and thus the would be parent of Dreamworks) were to absorb Dreamworks I think that it would be a dangerous step towards content control and conflicting interests. Because Viacom already owns a large majority of distribution and production networks, if they were to get another content source under their control this would mean less variety for all of us and a further expansion of Viacom's control.

Whether this would lead to better content due to increased funding, who knows. I have never thought that conglomeration and consolidation are good things, and if one of the few independent-ish big-ish animation studios were to be absorbed I think it would be for the worse.

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