Thursday, March 3, 2016

Assassination Classroom Ending Credits

This is video shows the ending credits for an anime called Assassination Classroom. I'd really like to use this as the inspiration for my title/credit sequence project. To create something like this, I'd first draw the images in Photoshop and then use the "write on effect" in After Effects to reveal them. I'd also use Sure Target to direct the camera around the chalk board and then to eventually zoom out and reveal it all.
At certain points in this animation, there's a lot of images being drawn on the screen at once. It's likely that coordinating all those images with the effects could be challenging at certain points in my animation.
At around 1:03 in the animation, it looks like they've stopped "writing on" images, and have transitioned to just switching between images that are placed close together. A possible way to create this effect would be to lower and raise the transparency of the drawings.

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