Thursday, March 31, 2016


The inspiration for this week's blog goes out to my cat, Pepper.  At seven in the morning, and at five in the afternoon, Pepper likes to remind me that it is time for him to eat.  Like any hungry individual, he expresses his hunger quite vocally, so it's a routine that we have both gotten used to.  However, today Pepper's dedicated plea's reminded me of a video that I happened to stumble upon a few years ago.  Created by a well known youtuber, named "cyriak," this video combines music and motion graphics to create a rather abstract, and somewhat unsettling music video simply of his cat meowing.  I'm not sure what his exact technique was, but it combines manipulating images, and moving around parts of the cat's body to make it look like there are multiples of the cat, as well as movements that don't look too lifelike.  Check it out, because it's pretty cool:
While you're at it, you should check out his other videos too, because they're amazing.  Great work at manipulating what your eyes see.

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