Thursday, March 3, 2016

What's with the reboot obsession?

If you're a Cartoon Network geek like me, then I'm sure that you've heard about the new Powerpuff Girls reboot.  Being a huge Powerpuff Girls fan myself, you would think that I would be excited about this.  I grew up with the show, I've idolized those girls, and I've been told that I can do a mean Bubbles impression.  However, I find myself not feeling the hype for the new girls, and my reasoning is all behind the scenes.  Craig McCraken, CREATOR of the Powerpuff Girls will be having nothing to do with the project, and that certainly shows when you look at some of the previews.  While the animation looks smooth, and well budgeted, the art style is what turns me off.  One of the things that made the Powerpuff Girls what it was was the unique art directions it went in.  Everything was drawn with nice thick lines, and very sharp edges.  It gave Townsville a personality, and it made every character very distinct looking from the next.  This reboot decided to go in the complete opposite direction, and made the lines thin, and round.... Just like every other show on Cartoon Network today.  The personality is gone, and I find it very hard to tell all of these characters apart, because they look like they can be on Steven Universe, or Clarence.
Maybe I'm just a ppg purist, but I feel like the reboot could be well done if it looked more inspired, and less like every cartoon I see today.
If you want to see the trailer, watch below.  I don't mind the trailer too much, and the animation is pretty well done.  Try to ignore the stupid song, though!

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