Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Efforts of Claymation

When was the last time you guys say claymation? Well I gave it a quick youtube search and it produced a whole assortment of videos, from amateur animators to a Wallace and Gromit ad. Like stop motion a lot goes into making a claymation and claymation characters feel and act as if they were real people. There're many different aspects that go into creating a claymation character, like the basic design and the execution of sculpting them. The precise motion that happens within each frame is both time consuming and necessary for the animator to get completely right. Below is both the amateur animation that I found (which is charming and short and kind of funny) as well as the Wallace and Gromit ad that aired sometime in the 2000’s.   For how time consuming claymation is, the efforts really do pay off in the end.

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