Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a similar program to Maya. It is not as mainstream as Maya, but has some features and usability benefits I have not found in Maya. Coming from Cinema 4D it was difficult learning Maya. I felt like someone had hid and relabeled all my tools. But I'm glad I am relatively comfortable with both.

While I have only barely scratched the surface in my Maya class, I can tell there is a difference in the workflow between the two programs, and I vastly prefer the Cinema 4D flow, at least for my purposes. Like After Effects, I feel like everything I do in Cinema 4D is reversible and less permanent than in Maya. For example in Maya, to boolean two objects, you align the two, click them in the right order, and hit boolean. This permanently modifies the geometry and you are set. In Cinema 4D, you drag a boolean folder-like object into your objects list (called the outliner in Maya). You then put the two objects as inside the boolean folder. They instantly subtract but when you move the object that is subtracting around, it adjusts the boolean live and can be adjust later. This is one of the many easy of use benefits I have found in Cinema 4D over Maya.

Cinema 4D has its own Andrew Kramer-like site called Greyscale Gorilla. They make plugins, and downloadable lighting and texture setups as well as offer many easy to follow tutorials. Cinema 4D is around $3,695 but offers a student program, although it is elaborate to enroll in. I highly recommend the program.

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