Thursday, March 31, 2016


Unfortunately for me sound isn’t terribly important within my creative or production process even though it consists of 50% of my final film. Sound plays a tremendous role in how people interpret your film; from the emotions the sound leads the audience to feel as well as to also help drive the action within your film. Sound can be used in this huge multitude of ways, yet time and time again I throw scoring on the back burner while I continue to work on other projects. Ideally you should spend as much time, if not more, on sound and how it works within your film rather than saving it for the last minute to compile in so that there is something backing your film. What really alarms me is the fact that although I acknowledge the importance of sound and it’s effects within film, I still don’t take the initiative to work on the sound when I really should. Although this isn’t directly related to animation, it still is an important topic to bring up. First imagine your favorite animation without dialogue? (Now if your favorite animation already lacks dialogue you are one step ahead!) If you can imagine all the sounds that went into making that soundscape (ticking clocks, cars passing by, footsteps etc.) and silence them to what are you limited to? A film without sound lacks an entire layer that can be used to tell the story as well as eve emotion. Nothing is truly silent therefore our short films shouldn’t be either.

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