Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fresh Grass

Fresh Grass is an animated short film written and directed by Irish filmmaker Robert Cullen. Released in 2014, Fresh Grass follows the story of a little dog who leaves his small town home to journey to the big city to visit his sister. A seemingly simple and innocent story, this short film quickly pulls a 180 and throws the audience into a bizarre setting that leads to a bitter twist.

This 10-minute short does a great job of deceiving its audience of where it is headed and it definitely catches you off guard when things start to get weird but this is exactly what the director intended. In an interview with Robert Cullen, he explained how he has had this story idea for years and had every shot and composition thought out already when he was finally given the opportunity to make it. The short was put together using elements from Flash, Photoshop, and After Effects and it took about eight weeks to complete with a crew of 25.    

Overall, Fresh Grass is a fresh twist on an innocent tale that is definitely worth checking out. You can view the entire short by using the link below.


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