Thursday, March 10, 2016

It's Actually Such a Beautiful Day!

In light of the recent weather anomaly I've decide to take a trip back down memory lane. A few months ago I stumbled upon a film called “It’s Such a Beautiful Day” by Dan Hertzfeldt, and it has changed they way I looked at stick figure drawings. Yes of course you need skills to animate anything, but the fact that he created a beautiful story centered around a stick figure character names Bill blows my mind.
The first impression you get of this film is that it is a lighthearted tale about this stick figure guy as he goes though his daily life. Then really quickly the mood changes that film takes a more serious tone. Although it is unlikely for an animation to take a serious turn, when it does, usually for me it is very impactful. Bill's story, the story about a stick figure, actually brought me to tears but that is beside the point. Although it is a stick figure animation against a very clean background, the film is very interning in the way the tit operates. The film is cropped out, only showing what it wants to show you at any given point in time. This blocking out created a very interesting visual effect as it jumped from scene to scene, or even within the same scene it self. The narration over the entire film while this blocking out gives the feeling of attempting to follow a story along in your own mind. At any rate, this film is as beautiful and here’s a clip that demonstrates most of what I talked about and more!

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