Thursday, March 3, 2016

MoGraph for Bernie Inspired MoGraph for Me

This week, I was browsing reddit when I came across an interesting post. It came from one of my newest subscriptions on reddit - r/AfterEffects. The post, titled “MoGraph video I made for Bernie”, gave me an interesting idea as to how I could apply some of my new skills. The video takes the normally visually unappealing topic of voting statistics and used motion graphics to bring some life to the numbers. I thought this was an excellent way of keeping an audience interested and involved with a topic that might have otherwise been bland or boring. Inspired by this post, I have decided to work on a video for The Ithacan that follows the same style - using nothing but motion graphics and voiceover. One thing I am somewhat nervous about is the amount of time this may take. We usually try to get videos posted at the same time as their accompanying article. This would give me 5 days to get all the facts I need, make the entire video, get it criticized and fixed up, then finalized and posted. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to make the tight deadline, but it is something that I’m definitely interested in trying and I’m up for the challenge.

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