Sunday, December 18, 2011

End of the Semester

It was great seeing everyone's work screened at Cinemapolis. I didn't expect to see Fiction Field 2's project which were very well done. Being a part time student next semester I look forward to taking the knowledge I gained from this class to work on graphics for Thesis projects next semester. It is surprising to me how little knowledge I knew coming into this course about After Effects and the working grasp I achieved in just a couple of months.
I was looking to further my knowledge in this field so I searched for additional instructions. Though I have acquired information from tutorials I believe enrolling into a program specifically related to After Effects would be worth the cost for the additional tips and tricks learned. My search came across an "Adobe After Effects - Advanced Training Course offered from Ledet. The course is a $1400 3-day program offered in Washington DC. They also offer the course in other locations and Ledet is a pretty good reputation from some reviews that I have read. I will also be looking over break for literature related to the field. Possibly some of the books Arturo suggested. This course has added beneficial skills to my TV-R degree and I would highly recommend anyone with course space to enroll.

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  1. I really enjoyed working with this very talented group of students. As I mentioned during the screening (and it is no BS!) I was gladly surprised by the excellent quality of the work, which in many cases compares right up with professional motion graphics anywhere. I hope everyone keeps training on their own and if you need any help or advise please do contact me anytime. Have some great Holidays and once more congratulations on everyone's excellent work, you should be very proud!