Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project 2

Since the deadline for project two is quickly approaching, I thought I would post about my project this week and the progress I have made thus far.
I have completely finished the first 3/4 of my project (for those that remember I am doing Toy Story 2) and now I am working on sorting through the footage I took of my cousin playing with some of the Toy Story toys I bought so that I can use a small montage of it for the rest of the credits. I am however, still looking for a cool cartoon-like effect I can create in after effects to give the footage more of a cartoon look. I know I cannot completely animate the footage so that it looks like it belongs in a Pixar movie, however I want to edit it so that it looks as little like live-action footage as possible.
When looking for pictures to use in the last pan of Andy's room for the first chunk of my project, I came across this great website that has high-quality images of the characters of some of the Pixar films that can be used as source footage for future projects. It is actually Pixar's very own wikipedia page. So anyone that needs those types of pictures for a project should definitely check it out!

Finally, since it is the holiday season, I thought I would leave you with this holiday greeting from everyone's favorite toys (even though it is for Toy Story 3 not 2):

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