Thursday, December 15, 2011

Masking Tips

The concept of masking in photoshop is still difficult for a lot of us so I found some websites that have tips and show multiple ways to mask a photo.

This first site explains different tools one can use to make your selection in photoshop. The first technique is using the magic wand tool which can help you make selections of areas with a limited color range. It’s the tool to use when the object you want to isolate is cleanly defined against an unvarying background, such as the surface of a table or a cloudless sky." the second technique is using the lasso tool, which lets you create a selection by drawing a line around the object. And the third technique is using the brush tool, which you can use while in quick mask mode.

This next site explains a lot of the same techniques but also talks about using the magic eraser tool, which allows you to erase pixels that are all the same color (or are a similar color). For example, if you used the Magic Eraser tool at its strictest setting, and clicked on a part of the picture that was orange, every other pixel in the picture of that exact shade of orange would be erased.

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