Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Top 50 Movie Special Effects Shots

I stumbled upon this page that had 50 of the top special effects scenes in movies. I definitely think there are some really awesome special effects scenes in movies that they are missing but this had some pretty cool ones. When you watch a movie you don't always realize all the special effects that go into it. I found some really interesting scenes on this site. I posted some of my favorites below but here is a link to the website.

The Road to Perdition - I thought this scene was cool because the special effects are very subtle. It really makes you feel like you are in Chicago in the 1930's

War of the Worlds - This movie is filled with special effects. This scene is a good example of some of the effects they used to create this movie.

Forrest Gump - I thought this scene was cool as well because you forget that they have to edit out the guys limbs.

These were just a few videos that I found interesting. There are more scenes from other movies like Jurassic Park, Alien, Star Trek, Star Wars, and many more.

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