Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Sushi Love Story

Lately a lot of us have been blogging about stop motion animation, so it was quite coincidental that one of our peers, and one of my very best friends, has recently found great success from one of his stop animation pieces. I'm sure many of you know him, Mike Blaney. Mike is currently a senior Cinema and Photography Major, and last year he took ACP Animation in the fall of 2010. For one of his projects he created a stop animation called "A Sushi Love Story". Mike entered it in a bunch of festivals after the class, I don't remember specifically which ones, but he was quite successful in the ones he entered. After one festival, a website for Korean Dramas asked Mike if they could spot his animation on their website. Of course Mike agreed and now his short has made its online debut. Every time someone goes to watch the video, an advertisement is played, and Mike even makes money each time it's watched. Unfortunately there was no embed code, but I do have the link to it. Everyone should check it out!!

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