Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Power of Tutorials

It is amazing how many tutorials there are out there on the internet for after effects! If you even find your self wondering how to do something you can almost always find a tutorial or message board that discusses and resolves that problem for you. Another useful thing about tutorials (As Arturo pointed out a few times) is that you can use them as a base off of which to build your own graphics or effects. Tutorials can set you up to create something really cool if you use the techniques presented in the tutorial, and add in your own materials, play with the effects and add or subtract new ones.

I wanted to show an example of this practice in motion. The link below entitled “Video Copilot Light Glow” will take you to the tutorial that I used to create some of my name project. The video below that is how my name project came out after I played around and changed the tutorial a little. Of course you can see the similarities in the two but I think I was able to change my piece to make it my own…not to mention Andrew (who creates the Video Copilot tutorials) gives a lot of little tips during in his tutorials that I have found to be very helpful! As a quick side not-I would have to say that video copilot is one of my favorite places to look for tutorials. Aside from the large variety of tutorials, they all seem very well done and it is fairly easy to follow along with them!

Final Name Project:

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