Sunday, December 11, 2011

Senior Thesis Graphics

I have been busy this weekend creating the graphics for our senior project. This project is similar to Man Vs. Food. We have a host that takes on 3 competitors. One food challenge takes place at each of these locations- Rogan's Corner, Purity, and Glenwood Pines. The first challenge is a giant Bomber calzone made with enough dough for a Rogan's XL pizza. This is followed by a race to finish 4 burgers from Glenwood. It all wraps up with an 8 scoop desert challenge at Purity! So far I have two of the competitors graphics finished and also the show's title. I need to create lower thirds graphics and also implement some sort of digital clock. The digital clock I think may become a challenge due to the cuts between real time and sped up
eating clips.

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