Sunday, December 11, 2011

An Out of the Ordinary Car Commercial

As I was searching for unique animation styles I somehow stumbled upon a car commercial made by Kia for their new Picanto car. The car’s tagline is “All in smALL, ALL New Picanto” and apparently the advertisers where trying to channel that tagline when they came up with the commercial idea. This impressive commercial uses nail art to create and animate its message and I’m guessing it is probably the first commercial to employ this technique.

I was shocked to see a car commercial that wasn’t all about being big, tough, or manly and one that did not have half dressed women in it or talk about off-roading or driving fast. Oh and no loud obnoxious music either! It was weird…I actually enjoyed watching a car commercial for once! I was impressed that the advertisers for this car took a different and creative approach to advertising a car and I think the style really seemed to fit with the product…and they must have done something right because since its posting in July earlier this year the video has accumulated over 5 million views!

So how did they make it? This commercial took 25 full days to make and used up 1200 bottles of nail polish!—Phew imagine smelling nail polish all day everyday for 25 days straight! 900 fake fingernails were used as well each taking about 2 hours to paint. Some of the nails are pretty detailed and I imagine it is somewhat difficult to draw on something as small as a fake finger nail! I highly suggest watching the video below-aside from showing the animation there are also a few shots that show them working on it.

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  1. This commercial went viral probably because of its amazing animation!! I liked it the first time I saw it. At first I doubted whether it's a car commercial or not, because all I can see are nail arts. Well, it's just a good way to show how you can fit everything in a small package. :D

    Ivo Beutler