Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sticky Monster Lab

When I was on Motionographer I came across a post about a video created by Sticky Monster Lab, a Creative Studio in Korea. Sticky Monster Lab was founded in 2007 by three individuals from different realms of the creative process including motion graphics, illustration and festival management. Unlike other studios Sticky Monster Lab uses character building to create their videos. A complete solution of a 2D character becomes real through the addition of motion, and then ultimately into an actual figure character. Since the project is produced and preplanned prior to the start of the whole project, the final outcome of the character, animation and figure come together in their own individual format. The project demonstrates both the individuality and togetherness of the "Monsters" virtual world.

The most recent addition to the Sticky Monster Lab videos is "The Loner."

Below is the link to a video of the creators at Sticky Monster Lab speaking about their creative process:

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