Sunday, December 11, 2011

Map Zoom and Some Other Fun

I have recently just bought an new "bible" for After Effects that is really great and I have been trying to become very fluent in this program because I know it's importance in the industry today. The book is called Motion Graphics with After Effects and is written by Trish and Chris Meyer. It is very detailed and comes with a DVD-rom that filled with unlimited chapters for and examples for each person to follow along with each lesson.
I also ran into a tutorial on Video Copilot that was not only very helpful, but it also was very cool. It is tutorial #40 on the website and it is the map zoom tutorial. I found this tutorial very effective for my current project for my future employer. I couldn't upload what I came up with or my other work for this demo unfortunately, but I encourage people to buy this book and with a combination of tutorials and the book, your knowledge of the program can increase rapidly.

I found for me that having the book is very helpful because it helps you understand not only the tools and abilities of After Effects, but it helps you understand how each tool works. This is beneficial because now you can understand how to figure out problems and how new shortcuts work and help same ample time.

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