Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Impossible Present

So this is it! Last post of the semester! Recently when I was on Motionographer I came across a short called the "Impossible Present" created by Royale, a company that has a main objective of merging production, animation and design to develop stories that come across on all mediums. Led by Brien Holman, Jayson Whitmore, Jen Lucero, Royale has created network promotions, advertizements and short films.

In the "Impossible Present" a little boy attempts to open a gift using any means possible. This includes an axe, and sticks of dynamite. So what was it that inspired this idea? According to an interview with Jayson Whitmore, the idea came from his inability to open a tightly sealed plastic bag. Whitmore said that he and fellow creator Brien Holman, wanted to go old school and were unafraid to let things literally blow up in the main character's face. The most difficult part of this project for the team was to produce this product during their normal work hours. This company believes artists need the time to rest before coming in and giving their work their all.

This video cannot be embedded but here it is on the Royale website!

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