Monday, December 12, 2011

Motion Graphics Reels

I was talking to my friend about reels today, and how fast-paced and stylized the animation, motion graphics, and special effects reels are. I decided to look for more and I came across this page that has compiled links to a bunch of freelance designers and studio designers who have reels on their sites.

One that I really enjoyed in particular was the second one on the list, Eclipse FX (their reel is here). Their reel was fun to watch and showed off what they could do at the same time by showing both finished products and clips as they went from basic modeling and roto to completely finished. It also surprised me how much they did- they don't just do spaceship modeling or explosions, they also did replacement and green screen effects that don't generally attract any attention in a clip. It was cool to see that they don't just specialize in explosions or fancy special effects- they also showcased their more subtle effects, like background replacement and adding in shadows to a clip.

I haven't watched all of the reels on the site, but I plan to, since I think they're just fun to watch. I also need to research other reels, like director's and production designer's reels, to see how they approach the whole reel concept.

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