Sunday, December 4, 2011

Job Search

I started searching around my local area to find some possibilities for jobs when I graduate in May. I started with QVC as I have an interest in working with props and figured they have a large prop department/merchandise. Only a few jobs I could find would be in reach of an entry level position, one of which was a Lighting Assistant. Another position they had an opening for was a Designer for Program Guides: "Reporting to the Managing Designer, responsible for the design and production of graphics for a variety of QVC projects."

I furthered my search by taking a quick look at production assistant jobs out west. There are plenty listed but I also wouldn't mind starting with a show as a Runner. Access Hollywood has an opening for a production assistant/runner. The ability to be on set and also not be tied down in the office all day appeals to me. In my previous internship I would have to generate Runner requests and coordinate with Runners to acquire props needed for that weeks shoot. It would be necessary for the Runners to travel to unique locations and specialty shops all around the LA area. Another interesting listing I came across was for a 2nd assistant/runner. Based on the Job description this job would be worth taking for the contacts alone.

Job Description:

A-list Writer/Director/Producer seeks 2nd Assistant/Runner from prep through post-production on feature film. Candidates must be extremely organized; detail-oriented and thorough; highly efficient; able to multi-task. Must be extremely professional, trustworthy and discreet. Pleasant personality with a can-do attitude an absolute must. Duties will be both personal and professional. Must be willing to work long hours and some weekends.

Another listing I saw was a Job in LA for The Ant Farm. I was surprised to see a PA position with benefits. I was surprised reading through jobs with similar titles having very different duties and requirements to be considered for hire. Looks like there is some hope in the entertainment job market for those of us who are graduating relatively soon.

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