Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Alice (in Wonderland?)

Think you know the story Alice in Wonderland? The popular novel written by Lewis Caroll in 1865 has been retold and adapted a countless number of times. However, there is one film adaption that perhaps is not quite as known as the rest. That film is called Alice.

Making IMDb's "Greatest Animated Films," list, Alice is a Czechoslovakian piece directed by Jan Svankmajer in 1988. Upon first watching, the film is quirky and off-putting to say the least. However, Alice is ultimately a work of stylized art.

The bizarre film employs powerful surrealist techniques in retelling this well known story. It is dark in mood, and transforms itself in wild and enchanting stop-motion animation. There is a lack of spacial continuity or relativity, which defies the boundaries of physics. Svankmajer animates just about every object and every thing to bring a chilling sense of life to the film.

The film's opening narration says the film is made for children. I'm not so sure. You can be the judge of that. Click here to watch (skip to 5 minutes to see the animation):

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