Thursday, February 4, 2016

Artistic/Creative Thinking and Me

I've never really considered myself good at creative and artistic thinking. I get too bogged down in either why any sort of creative idea that I come up with is either too difficult for me to actually do or too silly for me to seriously consider actually following through on. Conversely, I do consider myself pretty good at learning how to use a particular application with which I could create creative and artistic works, such as Maya and (hopefully) After Effects. The issue then becomes getting those two things to work in tandem, so I don't either have what I consider to be a good idea that's way too difficult for me to actually do or know exactly how to make something, but think that the idea is too stupid and scrap it.

It took me a little while, but in the last class that I took that involved thinking like that (my Maya class), I was able to create some pretty cool stuff when I got my act together. I figured that I'd share one of the only animations that I made there, because I like how it turned out and it could give anyone who hasn't seen Maya before a very small (and very simplistic) glimpse at what can be done in it. The animation is of a toy robot assembly line, because toy robots can be made out of simple polygons and those are easy to work with.

Apparently Quicktime files don't work too well...

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