Thursday, February 4, 2016

Knox's Korner Klaymation

Even though since I last watched this series on YouTube, the creator, Knox aka Robert Benfer, has gotten into a little bit of trouble with fans, I think that Knox's Korner is a pretty hilarious claymation (klaymation to go with Knox's 'k' theme). It features human-like blobs, which started out as just practice for the 'klaymator,' who go through pretty extenuating circumstances, like getting stuck in the VCR,  or drowning in a glass of water. I've read that most of what we see is improvised as well, so the comedic tint to it is funnier and more clever (is clever the word? it's sort of childish, but fun to watch) because of that. He won 35 awards from Newgrounds from this series of shorts. 

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